Have you ever wanted to text your dog or cat..? Now you can!

Welcome to Message Pet - The fun FREE app that lets you send messages to and from your 4-legged, feathered, furred, or finned friends! Send messages to your friends and family from their pets, or have amusing chats with your pets – then share them with your friends. Share your posts on MessagePet-Live so other users can “Like” and “Follow” you, or post them direct to FaceBook and Twitter. View/search for other users and posts through Explore, and follow those that tickle your fancy.

How it works?

Step 1 – Download the MessagePet
Step 2 – Set up an account and Log In
Step 3 – Set up yours and your pets profiles
Step 4 – Start messaging!

You can post your messages to MessagePet Live or share on social media for all to see.

You can also see which of your friends has MessagePet and add then to your MessagePet contacts; this way you and your pets will be able to message them and their pets. If they don’t have the app, you can send them an automated message inviting them to download MessagePet so they can be part of the fun! 

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s what other people are saying

“MessagePet is hilarious! Now I get messages from Frankie during while I’m at work and he’s at the grandparents house, its super cute!”

“Elizabeth Taylor likes to send me messages reminding me to get more wine…lol…"
“Deisel messages my friends horses to tell them what competitions we’re going to; who needs Mr Ed when you’ve got MessagePet!”
“Bundy communicates to my girlfriend through MessagePet when she’s not talking to me….I’m serious!" 

“The kids and I get messages from Goldie all the time now – its amazing how much one goldfish has got to say!"